Pensioner bowling

Many seniors visit us regularly for bowling and socializing. Bowling is a great sport that works very well regardless of age or ability. It provides not only exercise, but also the opportunity to meet other like minded people. We can even if there is time, help for a short introduction how to bowl for those of you who might not been bowling before or are a little rusty.

Senior citizens (from 65 years) plays for a reduced price which is 18 kr / serie (4 series for 70 kr). Monday to thursday until 17.00, fridays 13.00-15.00 and sundays 13.00-17:00. If you don't have private bowling balls or shoes you can both borrow shoes and bowling balls which of course is included.

So what are you waiting for? Gather your friends and challenge them on the lanes and perhaps finish with a nice cup of coffee in our cafe. We have both coffee, tea, muffins and cookies at estimated prices.


A large part of our customers are seniors who come regularly to socialize, exercise, but above all to play bowling. We have over 100 active pensioners in the current time which is great fun for both us and them. We have compounds from Osby, Broby, Glimåkra and Knislinge. They all have different training schedule and some compounds also play games.

In Osby it is the PRO Osby who trains Mondays 11.30-14.30 with several groups and Fridays 13.00-14.30.

Are you interested in playing more regularly, you can easily contact us for more information.