Monthly bowlingcard

Go bowling more often, and how much you want without limit depending on availability!

Bowling is a sport that is both good and funny, it triggers the competitive desire, whether you're playing alone or with others. It does not matter what age you are, we have everything from 5 years old to 90 years old who play actively today. The sport can be practiced for its own physics and movement as it is yourself that sets your own requirements. Have you access to the health care contributions of / on your company, we can tell you that it is deductible in the declaration, hence it is usual to purchase monthly passes in the form of health care.

Month Card is very popular among young people, adults as well as several family members in a family redeems a bowling card for each member and bowl more often. It is also common practice to utilize it for the wellness of their business then it is tax deductible. So, if you wantto go bowling extra or you who may need more training beyond the club's training then this monthly bowlingcard is perfect.
Every six months you purchase the monthly bowlingcard is free and we invite you for a whole month bowling for free.


- Bowl how much you want, for all times except during disco bowling.
- Other participants pay part of the rent for the lane.
- Monthly card is personal and you register to attend in the reception before start.
- You can not pre-book lanes because it is subject to availability. It's fine to call and check how the availability is before visiting us, so you don't come to us when we have full occupancy.


Youngster (Up to 8 years)

200 kr / person

Youngster, member in club (up to 16 years)

300 kr / person

Youngster (up to 16 years)

400 kr / person

Adult, member in club

400 kr / person


500 kr / person