Have you nothing to do this Sunday?

Bowling is the perfect Sunday activity for the whole family. Together you can have fun and both kids and adults can play on the same lane. For the youngest children we have bumpers that can be folded up, helping them reach down to the pins each time you throw. These go up / down automatically depending on who throws and are available on all lanes.

Bowling balls and shoes are available in most sizes and thereby can even the small children get a chance to have its own bowling ball and get to throw themselves every time. On the screens you can active take part of the result and these can also get printed out after you finished playing.

1 hour bowling = 57 minutes bowling.
The prices below are per hour and lane. Shoes and bowling balls are included!



160 kr

Adult / youngster member

20 kr / serie

Pensioner (From 65 years)

18 kr / serie (4 series for 70 kr)