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Bowling, cohesion, team spirit, laugh and joy - Does it get any better?

Do you think bowling is fun and passionate about this sport then you've come to the right place. Here with us on Osby Bowlingcenter are everybody welcome. Young or old, girl or guy, amatuer as competitive players or you who have a disability of some kind. Bowling is something that can be practiced by everyone!

As a club member you get training, help from other members, match play and a lot of cohesion with joy and laugh! Maybe friends for life? Who knows...

Below you will find the guidelines for the various clubs and contact information. Become a club member and have fun with others who also love bowling!

Osby BS:

Adults: Maria Carlsson, +46(0)763-679 068
Youngsters (up to 17 years): Patrik Håkansson, +46(0)761-878 431

Team Osby: